MOND Cloud AS2 Product Tour

Configuring Partner's AS1/AS2/AS3 Channel on MOND Cloud
Configure/Not Code approach

Based on your partner's AS1/AS2/AS3 requirements, the different settings can be configured using the Channel settings screen.

Predefined, tested configurations exist for trading partners like Amazon, IFurn,Bush Industries, GXS, Walmart, Flextronics, Estes Express, Ashley Furniture, Cisco, Target and more.

Receive AS2 documents from your trading partners
With 99.99% Availability

BPM without Integration creates islands of meaningless data. MOND enables seamless Integration with Systems of Engagement and Systems of Record or Internal and External systems.

AS2 Send Business Rules
Synchronous or ASynchronous

All documents are stored in the MOND Datastore. The document status can be in one of 'Sent', 'Received', 'Acknowledged','Ready to send', 'Error' or several other values.

Documents can be retrieved from the MOND datastore based on sender, receiver, document type, document status, document number etc.

Re-processing documents
Guaranteed Integrations

Documents can be reprocessed by users/support staff, without coding.Users can select a row, change the document status and reprocess the document.

Unprecedented Logs
Easiest Debugging

With MOND cloud, you will be able to see detailed logs for every line of code executed, including if/else statements, loops etc.